Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of questions that, as a wedding photographer, I am asked on a regular basis. Therefore, I hope that you find the following information helpful.

1. How much do you charge for wedding photographs?

Quite rightly and not unsurprisingly, I am always asked this question. I am transparent with my pricing structure which is based upon the package that you select. You can see how much I charge on my wedding photography prices page.

2. Which areas do you cover?

Although a lot of my work takes place in the scenic county of Worcestershire, I also photograph weddings all over the UK and overseas.

3. Do you take black and white images?

Yes, I will happily take black and white, photographs to suit my clients’ tastes. There is no doubt that, on occasions, using a combination of these can enhance a portfolio.

4. How long do you spend with us?

I provide a number of wedding packages that you can read about on my prices page. Depending upon the one you select, I could be in attendance for two to four hours or anything from the ceremony to the first dance. I might also add that I am flexible in this respect so will gladly stay longer if you so wish.

5. Do you take group shots ?

Yes I like group shots. I will ask before the big day if there are any that are required and will organise these on the day. I recommend that groups are kept to no more than 8 and will take around 30 minutes to complete.

6. When do you arrive on the day?

I like to arrive at the location beforehand so I’m ready to starting taking photographs as soon a possible. I also like to take pictures of the bride and groom before he or she is due to leave for the ceremony. This gives me the opportunity to capture him or her, and the rest of the family as they all prepare for the exciting day that awaits them.

7. When will the wedding photographs be available?

There is an awful lot of work involved on my part in creating the perfect images so I would anticipate you having the wedding album within 4 weeks.

8. Can my family and friends purchase photo books for prints from you ?

Yes, they can buy photo books and prints . Prints are available by contacting myself. Photographs are also available on compact disc.

9. When do we need to book you?

The sooner the better.

Because of the service that I provide to all my clients as well as the quality of the finished portfolio of wedding images, my diary fill’s up rapidly. So, do get in touch with me at the earliest opportunity to avoid disappointment.

10. How do you present the photographs?

The photographs are usually presented in a bespoke photo book.